Can I exercise after an ostomy? What to watch out for?

Can I exercise after an ostomy? What to watch out for? - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist

Sports items:

Generally, it is recommended to avoid actions that increase intra-abdominal pressure for about 3 months after surgery, such as holding heavy objects, climbing stairs, climbing mountains, etc., to prevent parastomal hernia or stoma prolapse. After full recovery, you can choose some less strenuous sports, such as swimming, billiards, cycling, tai chi, jogging, slow-paced dance and walking, etc. Large squatting and continuous squatting movements should be avoided. Some strenuous sports, especially contact and impact sports such as basketball, weightlifting, football, etc., should also be avoided. 



Cotton products are the best clothes, and the looser the style, the better the heat dissipation performance; a one-piece swimsuit is better when swimming.


Generally, before 11:00 in the morning, it is better to exercise after 4:00 in the afternoon, when the sun is moderate, the temperature is suitable, and the air quality is good. Exercise time can be adjusted according to your own tolerance, generally 40 minutes is appropriate

Selection and treatment of ostomy bags during exercise: Generally, you only need to wear the ostomy bags you usually use. It is recommended to use ostomy bags with filters to prevent excessive gas production during exercise and affect the appearance; in order to prevent the chassis from sweating Or if the movement range is large and the glue is open and warped, you can also stick an elastic tape around the chassis to increase the firmness. Friends who swim should pay attention to sticking an elastic tape before going into the water to make you feel more at ease~

For those with urostomy: It is recommended to attach a lightweight drainage bag to the bottom of the ostomy bag and tie it to the leg, so as to save the trouble of discharging urine during exercise. It should also be noted that the amount of sweating during exercise will have a certain impact on the viscose of the ostomy bag, so an additional set of ostomy products and care tools should be prepared for replacement in emergencies.

Do not eat within 2 hours before exercise. During exercise, the energy consumption is large. You should start with a low amount of exercise to allow your body to adapt slowly. During exercise, you will sweat a lot and your body will lose water quickly. You should replenish water in time. , too cold and gas-prone beverages to avoid flatulence and increase the burden on the stomach. You should also add water in time after exercise, but don't drink too much at one time, binge drinking will increase the burden on the heart

Do not shower (bath) immediately after exercising. Because the pores of the whole body are opened after exercising, if the body is suddenly washed with water at this time, it will cause the risk of cold and fever. The correct way is to wait until the sweat on your body is dry, then take a bath with warm water, the water temperature should be 1-2ºC higher than your body temperature. When taking a bath, the body is generally washed with a shower. It is best to use a neutral body wash to prevent the skin around the stoma from drying out and affecting the adhesion of the stoma bag. . It is recommended to replace the old stoma chassis before taking a bath, because a lot of sweating will accumulate sweat under the chassis, which will lead to decreased viscosity and shedding. At the same time, a lot of sweat will cause irritation to the skin and increase skin complications. risk. Allow your body to dry completely after showering before attaching the new pouch.


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