Can I take a shower after an ostomy? Sure

Can I take a shower after an ostomy? Sure - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist
1. How to take a bath with an ostomy bag?

You can take the pouch in the shower or take it off to wash. If it is a chassis that has just been replaced, you can stick elastic tape on the outer edge of the chassis when taking a shower, which can prevent the chassis from infiltrating moisture or warping the edges. Or cover the pouch with a plastic bag to keep it from getting wet. Dry the pouch and chassis with a dry towel after washing.

2. What should I do if I defecate while taking a bath?

If you do not wear a chassis, it is generally best to take a bath when defecation is not active, such as between meals. Even if a small amount of fecal fluid is discharged, it is fine, just rinse it off with water. But remember not to directly wash the intestinal papilla of the stoma with the shower. Friends with ileum and urostomy may need to wear a bag for bathing due to irregular bowel movements.

3. How to wash the stoma?

Many stoma friends think that the stoma is defecation, and they want to wash it well. Although it is a passage for defecation, the intestinal mucosa of the stoma is very fragile. It cannot be washed directly with water, and it is best not to use alkaline detergents. The skin around the stoma can be gently rubbed with a neutral body wash, such as a baby body wash. Do not rub vigorously with soap to avoid skin damage.


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