Do I need to increase nutrition after ostomy

Do I need to increase nutrition after ostomy - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist

Intestinal stoma is an integral part of the digestive tract, therefore, a reasonable diet has become a common concern of stoma friends. Some friends with ostomy increase their nutrition endlessly after undergoing surgical treatment, which leads to weight gain and stoma complications, which brings difficulties to daily care. Some friends with stomas dare not eat anything, resulting in nutritional deficiencies.


1.Do I need to increase nutrition after ostomy?


In the early days after the stoma operation, the metabolism of nutrients such as protein increases due to surgical trauma. Eat a high-carbohydrate, high-protein diet to ensure the intake of high-quality protein, properly supplement minerals and vitamins, especially pay attention to the supplement of water-soluble vitamins, reduce infection and complications, and make the body recover as soon as possible.


After the body recovers, the principles of balanced diet, reasonable nutrition, and health promotion should be followed.


2.Do friends with a stoma need to avoid eating?


Regardless of the type of stoma, in principle, there is no need to avoid food, just a balanced diet is enough.


Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the stool smooth.



When eating, try to separate the dry from the wet so that the stool can be formed. At the same time, you can increase the consumption of yogurt to adjust the intestinal flora and regulate intestinal function.



Try to avoid foods that are not easy to digest, produce more gas or are irritating, such as: melon seeds, peanuts, red beans, mung beans, etc. Such as chili, curry, onion and so on.


When you usually eat, you should chew slowly, and when trying new foods, you should increase them one by one to avoid diarrhea.


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