Proper cleaning method of ostomy bag

Proper cleaning method of ostomy bag - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist
Can the ostomy bag be washed and used repeatedly?

After ostomy surgery, an ostomy bag is often used to store waste. Many patients feel that the bag is very dirty, and they want to change it as soon as it is inside. They have to change several ostomy bags every day.....
However, frequent replacement of new ostomy bags costs more, so can the ostomy bags be reused after cleaning?
The ostomy bag is a one-time cleaning and care product. It is not recommended to be used repeatedly and should not be worn for too long. It is best to replace it with a new ostomy bag at a time.
Having said that, as the ostomy bag is a long-term consumption care product, many patients can clean the ostomy bag during the use of the ostomy bag to maintain personal hygiene.

The cleaning method:
The one-piece ostomy bag can only be worn on the body for cleaning because the chassis is connected to the bag body!
Note: When wearing an ostomy bag for cleaning, you can only wear an open ostomy bag, and the closed bag cannot be cleaned.

Two-piece ostomy bag
1. Open the clip at the lower end of the ostomy bag, and empty the entire bag.
2. Separate the chassis and the fasteners of the bag body, and remove the entire ostomy bag.
3. Clean the disassembled bag directly under the tap.
4. Use paper towels to dry the water on the ostomy bag or dry the ostomy bag (put it in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun), and it can be used next time.

Kind tips:
1. When rinsing the ostomy bag, avoid excessive water flow squeezed by the cleaning pot, and at the same time avoid rinsing to the stoma, which will reduce the viscosity of the stoma chassis and cause leakage.

2. After disassembling the two-piece bag body and cleaning it, be sure to avoid exposure to the sun. The plastic of the ostomy bag will dissolve and harden when heated, which will affect the quality of the ostomy bag.

3. It is not recommended to wash the ostomy bag multiple times, and it needs to be replaced with a new bag after 2~3 times. Long-term cleaning of the ostomy bag will destroy the anti-odor function of the ostomy bag.

4. It cannot be washed directly when it is removed, and the fastener part should be avoided during the cleaning process


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