The role and use of stoma belt

The role and use of stoma belt - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist
Although many people with stomas are already using stoma belts, I believe that many patients are still hesitating, either because they don’t know about stoma belts, or because they have doubts about the cost performance and operation methods of stoma belts. If you are worried, today we will introduce the purpose, function, method and precautions of wearing an ostomy belt, hoping to help you choose an ostomy belt.

The purpose and function of using stoma belt
The ostomy belt has the effect of improving the adhesion between the skin and the ostomy appliance.

By using an ostomy belt, it can help you make the ostomy appliance more closely to the skin, prevent excrement from leaking into the gap between the skin and the chassis adhesive, and prevent the ostomy appliance from being stuck firmly or falling off.

Helps the disc adhesive adhere better to the skin when changing ostomy appliances.

As the purpose of using the stoma belt, the first thing to be listed is to assist compression.

I believe that when all ostomy patients are learning to wear ostomy products, professionals will tell you: after affixing the ostomy chassis, you should firmly press the chassis for a few minutes to ensure the tightness of the paste. Therefore, when the pressing action cannot be ensured or you want to omit this link, the stoma belt comes in handy. It can be used as an auxiliary product to press the stoma chassis well.

We all know that when the adhesive of the ostomy chassis is attached to the skin, it will not suddenly stick to the skin tightly, but it will take a certain amount of time to gradually adapt to the skin and blend with it, so as to achieve tightness. paste.

If during this adaptation process, the stoma patient moves his body violently or his body posture changes too much, the adhesive state of the chassis glue and the skin will not be thorough enough, which will become a potential cause of the chassis falling off. At the same time, this will also make it easier for excrement to sneak between the skin and the stoma chassis, which may lead to leakage of excrement.

The use of the stoma belt can effectively prevent the above-mentioned leakage of excrement.


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