Why is the stoma skin barrier not sticky?

Why is the stoma skin barrier not sticky? - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist

Stomas are generally for rectal and bladder lesions, etc. In order to save the patient's life, the doctor surgically removes the lesion, and then makes an opening on the left or right side of the patient's abdomen. The patient then needs to use an ostomy bag for excretion. So, what should I do if the ostomy bag cannot be pasted?

Recently, many people think that the quality of the ostomy bag is a problem when they are not firmly pasted. In fact, it is not the case. When the ostomy bag does not stick, it is necessary to analyze various reasons and choose targeted treatment measures. Next, the editor will take you to learn about the situation and methods that cause the ostomy bag to not stick tightly.

Incorrect stoma location and structure
【The stoma is flush with the skin】Reason analysis: Excrement tends to accumulate around the stoma, corroding the film around the stoma and causing leakage;

Solution: It is recommended to use a slightly convex ostomy bag + belt reinforcement, or a leak-proof ring + a flat ostomy bag.

【Stoma depression】Cause analysis: Excrement accumulates in the stoma depression and it is difficult to fall into the bag body. Direct erosion of the stoma skin and corrosion of the film lead to leakage;

Solution: Use a deep convex ostomy bag + belt, depending on the shape of the stoma, you need to add a leak-proof ring or leak-proof cream to strengthen it.

Observe the condition of the skin around the stoma
【Skin scars or unevenness】Cause analysis: Uneven skin leads to insufficient adhesive area and insufficient adhesive force. At the same time, liquid may flow into the adhesive surface through the gap and cause the film to fall off.

Solution: Use anti-leak ointment to smear the skin scar, and then paste the ostomy bag.

【Ostomal hernia】Cause analysis: The film cannot be pasted smoothly on the skin due to skin bulges, causing the periphery of the film to warp, reducing the pasting area and insufficient adhesion.

The solution: wear an ostomy belt

Improper method of operation
Center hole cut too large
Cause analysis: The operation of the scissors is too large, so that the skin around the stoma is exposed in the excrement, which irritates the skin. At the same time, the excrement leaks along the skin to the interface between the skin and the film, causing the film to fall off.

Solution: According to the size of the stoma root, cut about 1-2mm, and use leak-proof paste or plastic ring

skin care powder residue
Cause analysis: Excess powder remaining on the skin will cause the viscosity of the adhesive to drop rapidly, and the film will fall off after pasting.

Solution: Use a dry cotton ball or dry gauze to remove the skin care powder and spray a protective film to isolate the skin from the chassis

Excrement keeps flowing out
Reason analysis: The skin cannot be kept dry, and the adhesive of the chassis is not sticky due to contact with liquid.

Solution: - Block the stoma with a cotton ball or gauze, and then paste the chassis. (Try not to change the chassis within half an hour after eating or drinking water)

excessive body hair
Cause analysis: Excessive body hair leads to incomplete pasting surface, and some pasting areas are not enough and easy to fall off.

The solution: Remove body hair with an electric shaver


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