Why is your ostomy bag sticking time getting shorter and shorter?

Why is your ostomy bag sticking time getting shorter and shorter? - HEAGI - Colostomy bags Specialist
I especially understand the distress and confusion of stoma friends about this problem. The time for stoma stickers is shortened, which first increases the economic burden. At the same time, due to the need to replace ostomy bags, it increases the work of family members. Moreover, ostomy bags cannot be attached. Leakage occurs, and as the leakage occurs, it can cause skin problems, pain, and discomfort. Anxiety and irritability follow!

The troubles of new stoma friends from 0-2 months:
When in the hospital, the medical staff changed the ostomy bag, which can be used for * days, and it leaked (or fell off directly) half a day after returning home.

Cause Analysis:

The stoma friend or caregiver has just come into contact with the stoma in the early postoperative period and is relatively unfamiliar with the nursing methods and operation techniques.

Suggested method:
During hospitalization, learn the operation method with the medical staff seriously, and try to operate it more than once independently or with the help of family members. Find difficulties and give feedback to medical staff in a timely manner, focusing on learning;

The troubles of stoma friends from 2-6 months:

I used to be able to post for *days, but now I can only post for *days.

Cause Analysis:

1. Intestinal papilla will be edematous after operation, which usually subsides in about 6-8 weeks. If the size of the central hole is not adjusted in time, the excrement will flow directly to the skin, and then leak into the stoma along the skin lines. Under the skin barrier, leakage will occur, affecting the adhesion of the ostomy bag

2.After the body gradually recovers after the operation, the weight begins to increase, the abdominal fat increases, and the stoma may appear flush or sunken into the stomach. If you are still using the original stoma product, it may not stick well because the product is not suitable

Suggested method:

1. When replacing the skin barrier, first measure the diameter of the stoma and then cut the center hole of the skin barrier;

2. Try to avoid excessive weight gain in a short period of time, and choose suitable stoma care products according to the height of the protruding intestinal papilla, skin condition, body shape, etc.


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