Composition Parts:

It is made of pre-cut PET paper (film) ,hydrocolloid base plate, EVOH film, non-woven fabric, carbon filter and drainable end.

Prodct Features:

  1. High quality hydrocolloid glue material, good adhesion, and not easy to hurt your skin.
  2. Non-woven lining, soft, sweat-absorbent, low friction sound.
  3. Self-sealing design, without extra expense to purchase clips.
  4. Keep the waste in and avoid any embarrassing odors.
  5. One-piece system, easy to replace and operate.
  6. If there is impregnation, be sure to replace it in time.


How to use?

  1. Cut the chassis diameter according to the size of the stoma diameter.
  2. Remove the adhesive protection paper.
  3. Apply the chassis to the skin along the stoma, and press it firmly.
  4. Fasten the bottom of the connecting end of the ostomy bag to coincide with the chassis.
  5. Close the bag pocket with the sealing strip.